About Me

My Name is Gregory R. Matthews, I was the Director of Architectural Technologies for Loewenberg Architects, LLC in Chicago, IL for half a decade, and loved every minute of that wonderful adventure. We specialized in designing and building high rise luxury condo’s and apartments. Currently the major project is Lakeshore East (www.lakeshoreeast.com), in the heart of downtown Chicago. Although the project has slowed significantly with the economy, it still is a great project.

I have started my own corporation, simply because I don’t see the construction market comeing back like it has been for the last 10 plus years within my remaining career span. Matthews Master Builders and Development Corporation is the combination of all my passions. Design, build, development and technology

I started this blog, as a way to document and share my experiences as a Master Builder, something most folks in the United States don’t even know what that is. The Master Builder is a old concep & only in the last 40 years fell into obsecurity.

I have been in the AEC Profession my entire life, third generation Archtiect / Builder and working with technology in regards to AEC since AutoCad 2.17b over 20 years ago. I’m a architect first, technology is allowing to be a “Master Builder” again as I was raised to be. Revit and other BIM technologies are what many of us have hoped for since our first eight (8) shades of green monitor and AutoCad ran of a 5″ paper floppy disk, and you saved your files to the B:\ drive :):)


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