BIM and the Master Builder

Things have been incredibly busy for me the last six (6) months, I’ve been out in Colorado with a major electrical contractor here, switching the company to a 100% BIM environment and transitioning engineering not only from CADD methodologies to BIM centric project life styles; simply put transitioning the logic and thinking of the engineering department so as to be constantly leveraging BIM.

I’m a strong believer in BIM technologies; and what it will do to bring the Master Builder back and augment their ability to compete with large firms; Master Builders by their nature are smaller personal entities. As a Master Builder in the AEC profession (Be warned I’ve seen examples of IT starting to steal this title too, like they did the title architect, and even the term BIM (For them it is Business Information Management)) you must be versed and skilled in all trades, be the dreamer, a creator, then build it; side by side with your trades people. But you also must know business, finance, technology and sadly a good understanding of the legal ramifications of your hard work; because there are just too many out there that want to take what you have including our government, actually I feel the government is the greatest threat of all.

For us it is not an option to put on our square frame glasses so we look smart; or like Madonna once sung “Strike a Pose” and magically we have accomplished our desires and feel all puffy. Many today think that is the actual work, not the sweat, not the all-nighters studying a set of documents or contracts, drawing our plans, working out pay rolls and risking all our hard earned money on the job. This is who we are, and for those of a like mind set love what God created us to be, as we love Him and thank Him for our skills and fortitude.

I’m blessed to be sitting here at my kitchen table overlooking a mountain meadow under Caribbean blue skies with a snow laden landscape.; while pondering our futures in AEC, if not our futures as a nation, as a people. I look at this and wonder how some people don’t believe in God, because only God could have created this.

Where am I going with all this, to be truthful I don’t know. All I know is that those of us stupid / hard headed enough to continue in this profession. Open your eyes and see things as the greatest Master Builder of all sees things, and take out your personal humanistic side. You think you job is hard, wait till you try this… if you can…

Gregory R Matthews


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