LEED 3.0 (New Beginnings)

Well I don’t know about you, but I actually waited for LEED 3.0 to start my journey into this mind set. I heard all the noise about how much harder it would be than the 2.2 but I also knew from what I read that it was the beginning of LEED methodology as a mature process. Not just another set of letters to put behind my name and get all puffy about. I believe in actually doing things, not just acting like it I do. (“Strike a pose” seems to be the mind set of many today; sadly they don’t even recognize / acknowledge it in themselves) I’m excited at what I just learned in a 14 hour exam prep program at Northwestern University here in Chicago that I attend late last week.

LEED AP will actually mean something with LEED AP+ with the specialization of various disciplines within the AEC profession not a one size fits all mind set which is the prevailing wind today. Those of us with some grey hair and a few decades of experience under our belts know this is not the way it works in the real world, especially if you need a ROI on your investments. Yes I have to live with the LEED Green Associate title for awhile, but when I get my LEED AP+ accreditation I can really be proud of what I’ve accomplished.

USGBC will in the next few years will require continuing education and experience to keep your LEED credentials, like those of us in architecture are required to do, or any technical profession should require of us; our world changes to quickly to rely on today’s status quo. Sometimes in a matter of a few years our best technologies are obsolete.

This to me means that the USGBC and the GBCI will make our credentials worth something and have real value. Credentials with meat on their bones are what clients of today and tomorrow are demanding, incorporating LEED and BIM into our work flows is the same, if not more important to us than CADD became to us over twenty years ago.

I would encourage those with current LEED AP credentials to move to the 3.0 as soon as possible and not be just another set of horns in the herd when the rest are dragged into it kicking and whining in a few years. I know in our tough economy this is a hard sell to your principals. For your own benefit in the future, pay for the study courses and exam yourself if necessary. Investing in you is always the best investment. I strongly recommend the exam preps classes from a recognized provider.


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